"Education is the most powerful weapon which   you can use to change the world". Nelson Mandela
Classes for Children

We offer English, German, Chinese, Spanish and other foreign languages. When it comes to children and learning a second language, EGS teachers know all about both! m a paragraph. Since 2004, EGS has taught thousands of students a second or third language. If you don't believe our students learn, just look at the annual English Olympiad winners in the newspaper and on TV. We are proud of our students for many reasons; English is just one of them!

Classes for Adults

If you are  a professional and need an aditional langauge for your career or a traveler looking to increase your holiday fun, EGS is the place where you find the success you're looking for. Whether you want to speak English, German, Chinese or Spanish, EGS has the perfect language instructor for you.


Since 2004, the major international firms in our area have relied on EGS to help them train their staff to become proficient in an additional language. Come to one of our classes to see how we can help you start communicating in another language today!

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