The English German School has won its popularity for its excellence in teaching, reliability and exceptional achievements of our students. We offer English, Chinese, French, German, Spanish and other courses for schoolchildren and adults of all age groups irrespective of their prior knowledge. Our school has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, enabling the students to learn in an environment that contributes to their positive language development.


It goes without saying that we have the best teachers in the district, all of whom hold qualifications in teaching foreign languages and have a broad range of teaching experience. Only teachers with a background in teaching learners of different age groups work on our team.

We use a communicative approach to facilitate learning, which means you will be encouraged to discuss what you are learning, whether it is grammar, vocabulary, or study skills. In classes you will follow a course book and will practice a variety of skills - reading, writing, speaking, listening and look at grammar, vocabulary building, and pronunciation. Sometimes you'll role-play, that is, you and your classmates will pretend that you are in a particular situation and you'll practice what you would say in those situations. These activities will be varied but will always be designed to improve your understanding and use of your new language, both in academic and social situations.


We use best-practice, popular course books, grammar exercises, videos and digital resources. Each of our courses is linked to the Common European Framework and is set to a specific syllabus. 


We teach schoolchildren and adults of all age groups. We build the groups according to the age and level of knowledge. The average number of students per class is eight, and the maximum number of students in each class is twelve. During the enrollment procedure, we assess your initial level of knowledge with our internal progress tests which help us to place you in a suitable group. Students should show that they are making progress and are ready to pass to the next level. We test students' grammar, listening, writing and oral skills. After completing one of our courses, you will have earned a certificate as a sign of achievement.
The English German School is licensed by the Ministry of Education of Moscow Region.

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Today both Egorievsk and Voskresensk sites host over 600 students weekly. From 2:30 until 9 pm our door seems to be in constant motion with parents, students and other guests coming and going.


We welcome you to come and visit us!

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