The English German School prepares adults of any age at any level, from beginner to advanced.

When it comes to learning, our students do not have a language barrier! They begin to speak in a foreign language the very first lesson. In adult education, we focus on spoken language, while developing the ability to understand communication in listening, reading and of course writing in a foreign language. Our courses are strongly supplemented with the active use of audio, video and other interactive resources.


Given the work schedule of adults, we have constructed courses so that our students gain the necessary language material in the shortest possible time. The period of time spent in language development depends on the initial level of knowledge and on what level of foreign language the learner wants to obtain before exiting EGS. Thus, the adult learner establishes his or her own period of study, taking into account the fact that the certificate is issued only when the full completion of a certain level is achieved, starting from Elementary level. The duration of any level is five to eleven months, depending on the intensity of training.

Description of levels

Skill Level upon completion

1 Beginner -  The learner has the ability to speak and understand simple phrases on familiar topics and understand very simple written proposals, write a short simple text on a postcard, fill out forms with information about yourself. Vocabulary - 300 words

2 ElementaryThe learner can communicate with simple phrases on familiar topics; read simple texts, ads, brochures, menus, schedules; write personal letters, simple e-mails. Vocabulary - 600 words

3 Pre-IntermediateThe learner communicates adequately in almost all situations; understands the  main points of television and radio programs, meetings, reads and writes personal and formal letters. Vocabulary - 1200 words

4 Intermediate - The ability to participate in complex discussions on familiar topics; understand most TV news, TV programs on current events, movies; read modern novels and write essays, reports, letters, and reports. Vocabulary - 1700 words.

5 Upper Intermediate - The learner can demonstrate communication fluently and effectively in difficult and professional situations; understand television programs and films; read literary works and write letters, essays, reports on complex subjects. Vocabulary - 2300 words.

6 AdvancedThe ability to communicate fluently with idiomatic expressions and colloquialisms; understand any spoken language speakers in the natural rapid pace; read complex articles and literary works stylistically competent to write complex compositions. Vocabulary - 3000 words.


Additional Information


Baseline knowledge to learn a foreign language: any

Age: 18+



Classes typically start September; however private groups may start according to their own timetable. Often, adults join a working group any time of the year.



Winter (during officially declared public holidays);
Summer - one month (August). Special Note: Summer holidays for adult classes are different than school children.