Our Values

As an institution, a collective of professional educators, we have common core values. We appreciate all learners, our mission, and our philosophy. With those in mind, we set goals to improve ourselves, to hold ourselves accountable and to facilitate the learning of our students.
Our Mission

We demand a high-quality learning environment aimed to motivate each learner to develop a personal and constructive application of a foreign language.

Our Philosophy

First and foremost, we believe that every individual can learn. Through the implementation of current best practices, all learners must be challenged to their ability. It is up to the professional educator to evaluate the current level of each learner and then create, support and measure the learning of each.


We consider variable factors that contribute to learning such as intellectual capacity, personal learning history, physical attributes, attitude, emotional and social factors, teachers’ personalities and physical environment.


We are cognizant that all learners possess the power to overcome obstacles of learning and believe that practice, determination, persistance and positive efforts promote learning.


Our Goals

We aim to clearly identify and practice our standards of teaching based on student learning and performance objectives as we continually seek evidence of effective learning.