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Alvina, EGS Graduate 2014


It had been a while before I realized I fell in love with the English language. Being an elementary student of a public school, I could hardly wait for my English class to finish to escape from difficult words and phrases. Ds and Fs in this subject could not make me learn the language either as I wanted to be a biologist back then.  However, the low grades spoilt my average score, and my parents decided to bring me here, to this school.


The English German School helped me understand and feel English, approach the learning process from a different angle. During the lessons, we read stories by foreign writers in the original, and then discussed them with our teacher, and it was very cool and fun! She made me think about how I, the future biologist, would communicate with my colleagues at international conferences. I realized that learning English has a purpose and that the words of Natalia Alexandrovna made sense when I visited various European countries and was able to communicate with people without any help.  After that, I studied at summer international camps in Europe and America and acquired even more communicative skills. I have made a lot of friends from different countries thanks to the English language.


As much as we are, the English German School is changing for the better too. Its students now have the opportunity to communicate with the teachers who are native speakers; very positive, kind and always ready to help.  At their lessons in a relaxed atmosphere, we sang songs of American rock bands, studied English humor, traditions, differences between Americans and the British. And what I will never forget is the classes on the spring lawn!


The school gives opportunities to learn different languages. In fact, the more languages you know, the more there prospects for training in different countries. As for me, the old dream of biology has remained from my childhood, but I still hope that I will go to international conferences but now as an interpreter. For this I went to Moscow State University. University and, at the Faculty of Foreign Languages and Area Studies, plan to perfect their English, pull French, learn Italian and perhaps even the Chinese :)


[EGS] is proud of their students because the they offer the best learning, the best teachers, because we consider them as such, and all together we just love our best school!


Anastasia, EGS Graduate 2014


I first came to [EGS] ​​in the 4th grade. In the following academic years, up to graduation, I went through all levels of the language from Beginner. Love of learning English, we have planted our unique teachers who follow not only the correct use of language from the grammatical point of view, but also paid great attention to pronunciation, that does not quite unimportant. We would like to highlight the headmaster Ekaterina Lobanova, who is characterized by her charisma and perseverance.


Teaching methods are not static. For the second year running at the school was Mr. Jackson - a teacher from America. Through a language immersion with him, without leaving the country, I began to better understand the English language, and more open and easy to communicate with foreign friends. The school organizes a summer trip for language practice where you will surely have forged new friendships. This year, I, like my peers, underwent the unified state exam. A long time ago I decided that one of my choices would be English. I'm happy with his result.


Today, I am a student REU, Plekhanov Faculty of International Business IBS. The knowledge I gained at [EGS] ​​helped me pass the exam in English at the university. The peculiarity of my department is that absolutely all items teachers read to us are in my language - English. So I'll choose to do more, not stand still, and learn other foreign languages. In the third year our faculty study provides students with good marks opportunities to go abroad for training, meaning education in the country you studied a second language. I believe that this is an excellent train ticket to a good career. Foreign languages ​​are now in demand absolutely everywhere, so if you want your children to have a bright future, [EGS] is the school for you!


Anna, EGS Graduate 2012


Russian University of Peoples' Friendship, University of Foreign languages.

In my opinion, the English German School is a great choice for those who want to learn a foreign language in depth. I came to the school to improve the spoken language, but it exceeded all my expectations, as I became familiar with all the major aspects of the English language, which helped me enter one of the leading universities in Russia in the Linguistics department.

The friendly attitude of the teachers helped to create a warm atmosphere in the group, so I became really fascinated by the study of language. In truth, I now really miss classes at school, and often think of them with a smile.

I'm very happy that I enroled in [EGS], because in addition to high-level language, I gained a lot of friends!


Alina, EGS Graduate 2011


Moscow State University, Lomonosov


The summer of 2011 stood out for me as really hot, mainly due to the fact that after our high school exams and graduation and the School of Foreign Languages, there was a problem entering university. Crosses on the melting asphalt of our motherland with a stack of documents for admission - not a fact that one can easily erase from memory. The agonizing expectation of results, posted lists of enrolled familiar with each of the graduates. But I survived.


Finally came the long-awaited day when I became a student at Moscow State University, in the Faculty of Foreign Languages. As expected, my main subjects of the study were foreign languages. And of course, the level was high; it is Moscow State University after all. Understand the course of studies was very easy - in fact it was exactly the same as what I'm used to at [EGS]. Small groups of 6-8 students, an individual approach to each and European standards of training, Oxford textbooks, skilled teachers ... In general, I quickly felt at ease.


There was no new material at the university from what I had already learned earlier at [EGS]. My level was higher than most classmates and after studying at [EGS] ​​I had reached level 7 in the international system, while the first course of language faculty of Moscow State University started at the sixth level. Even before the arrival of our study group at the School, I had passed the Cambridge Certificate which confirmed my proficiency at the advanced level. In 2011 I was also the winner of the All-Russian Olympiad in the English language in Pyatigorsk.

I was prepared for learning in one of the most prestigious universities in our country.



Ivan, EGS Graduate 2012


Moscow State University, Lomonosov

Hello Dear Friends!

My name is Ivan and I graduated of [EGS], ​​2012. 
At the end of [EGS] ​​my level of English was ranked as advanced. I scored quite a high score on the exam (94), which increased the possibility of admission to a prestigious educational institution. I have a decent level of spoken English and a wide vocabulary that allows me to easily communicate with native speakers. Moreover, I am familiar enough with formal vocabulary and rules of writing official documents. As one who is trained at Moscow University, I can confidently say that my language level is high enough to become a student at one of the best universities of the country.

Why should your child study at the English German School?
First of all, there is a great amount of knowledge, related not only to learning a language but also the culture of the countries where the language is used. Second, [EGS] ​​provides, in my opinion, an exceptional opportunity to practice the language and improve conversational technique in our city. Third, it is the school which carefully prepares the students for a unified state examination (USE), delivery of which, in turn, affects the future of your child.

The need for and usefulness of foreign language in my future? - I have confidence in [EGS]!
Actually, that's all. To you, dear friends, a good way of life starts small. Good luck to you! =)


Natalia, EGS Graduate 2010


Moscow State Linguistic University

[EGS] was the starting point in my life. When I came here, I could not connect two words in English, and, frankly, I was not sure would be able to. But after six months of intensive training, I took 3rd place in the regional competitions in English, the second in a year, and then first place the year after. By the eleventh grade, I already had already acheived to an advanced level, to communicate freely, read books in the original, and understand films naturally... This is where I fell in love with the English and decided to link my life with it.

When it came time to take the exam, I was absolutely ready. Targets were even easier as we had been doing them at [EGS]. There we were taught to speak and to write essays. We listened to a lot of audio, engaged in grammar, reading and discussing literature in English ... It was very interesting and exciting. In general, I felt that I had a high enough level to try to attend the best linguistic university in the country and I did it. I beat the competition at Moscow State Linguistic University. I think I was very lucky that in our town there is [EGS], and I had the opportunity to study there.